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IT solutions for logistics  and industrial use.

Most of our clients already have business software (ERP) that enables them to do accounting, buying and selling, stock accounting, and perform other necessary tasks. 

But there are always business-specific tasks that cannot be completed or it is not practical to complete with ERP software.

For example, when picking shipments it is necessary to: 

  • Continually check records in ERP software (e.g. clients’ orders, transportation, etc.)
  • Keep track on filled crates
  • Read bar codes on goods, crates, and pallets
  • Handle different goods by piece and by weight, as well as goods that are ordered by weight but packaged by piece
  • In case of goods by weight automatically read weight on the balance
  • Read information on the lot of goods from bar codes and check for corresponding stock position in the stock records
  • Print labels on goods, crates, and pallets
  • Inform the packer about the location of goods in the warehouse (so called active/picking addresses)
  • Enable the packer to order more goods form passive/holding addresses
  • etc. 

There is often need to connect different accessories to the system – devices for reading bar codes, scales, label printers, industrial computers, touch screens, etc. 

RIS team will help you solve these problems. We have experience from various businesses (e.g. logistics , food industry, commerce) and we have ready-to-use modules to solve standard tasks.



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